Our Goal

We are a skilled group of logistics coordinators and consultants that help manage your transportation network. We offer out of the box solutions for analyzing, consulting and implementing sustainable strategies.

Our consolidation programs help facilitate the organization between your component producers. manufacturers, fulfillment warehouses and finaly distribution to your retailers.

Corporate Alignment

Marathon’s Consolidation Program allows shippers to benefit from their common goals of meeting delivery schedules, saving money, and maintaining control of their freight.

  • Strength in Numbers Approach
  • We match your freight with other freight that has similar needs and lanes.
  • You pay a percentage of a direct truck rather then paying as if your freight were an independent shipment as the Common Carriers do.
  • Consolidation allows Marathon and our clients to have complete control of trucks.
  • We control all routing based on “load to ride” reducing transit times.
  • Most of your expedited freight will fall under our standard delivery service and may still be consolidated with other freight further reducing you cost.

All parties involved welcome your participation in the Consolidation Program because of the greater savings created by your involvement for the participants and yourself.

Synergistic Consolidation

To increase efficiency, at the beginning of 1998 we began approaching companies with a plan to introduce a freight consolidation program.

Strength in Numbers

Our mission was to use a “strength in numbers approach,” by combining freight from different companies to fill out our trucks. By “marrying” together your own freight or consolidating with other customers’ cargo meeting similar requirements you are afforded the luxury of direct, load-to-ride service at discounted rates.

We have successfully implemented personalized strategies for multiple companies implemented by their own consolidation team.

Think Outside The Box

Beyond Status Quo

To succeed in these difficult times, of increased transportation costs caused by a decrease in truck drivers, new driver regulations and increase of gas prices we must be proactive and think outside the box.

It has been the nature of things to consider freight costs secondary when times are good. Marathon can make a substantial difference in you transportation costs that can be felt throughout.

We must be careful not to allow ourselves to succumb to standard operating procedures as can sometimes be the case.

Marathon understands and appreciates that time allocation does not always afford us the opportunity to pursue the most efficient approach.

Please allow us to assign a specialist to your company to create a customized program to fulfill all your freight

Efficiency Consolidator

Companies can share trucks while maintaining complete autonomy.

All of marathon’s freight is “LOAD TO RIDE” which means it never comes off the truck with no crossdocking.

Marathon has developed efficiency software to compare rates and plot routes based on production and due dates.

Let us customize a program to fit the needs of your transportation’s flow.

Whether it be Truckload or Partials, Expedited or regular service we can personalize a program to fulfill all your needs at the most competitive prices.

Green Program

Load To Ride service eliminates warehouse and transit times

Load 2 Ride

Load 2 Ride consolidation maximizes truck space and miles by matching up freight with similar requirements and origin / destination points. Pick ups are based on due dates and shipment size is maximized wasting less miles than small LTL shipments. Loads are picked up and delivered on the same truck in route and transit time is often cut in half. Load planning also allows us to match expedited freight with regular service freight and create team expedited partials.

Contact a Specialist

We carefully choose skilled employees whom are always at your disposal with 24 hour assistance and no voicemail. Each company is assigned a specialist whom can help you devise a strategy based on your transportation flow using our FastTrack Efficiency Router.